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Our shared vision:

For each and every student to achieve their maximum potential.

Careers Cafe...

In this section of the newsletter, we bring students, parents and carers information on careers and the world of work.

Monthly Key Skills Focus

Each month this year, we will focus on a different employability skill. These are the skills that you need for the world of work – and they're pretty important for life as well! By developing employability skills, you will improve your chances of getting a job and thriving in your career. There are lots of different ways to develop them – including in lessons or extracurricular activities at school, in a Saturday or holiday job, doing projects in your own time or work experience. 

This Month’s Skill: Hard Work and Dedication

It doesn’t matter what job you do and in what industry – employers all want to know that you will work hard.
Show that you really do want to work for them (not just anyone) and that you care about, and take pride in, what you do and you will be pretty irresistible.

Practical examples to demonstrate these skills include attending homework club to improve your grades, studying an extra subject, volunteering, or doing a part-time job.

Pearson's Upcoming Virtual Enterprise Festival

Pearson Business School is hosting the brand-new Enterprise Festival Virtual Series.

The aim of these free online series is to grow the collaboration between education and industry through
exploring, debating and sharing knowledge about relevant business-related topics.

Their EDU events are aimed at school and college students and are a fantastic opportunity for students to improve their understanding of the fundamentals of business.  You can explore the opportunities and book here:

For example the “Where do I start?” event on 6th October at 4pm looks interesting:
“Whilst many of us have brilliant ideas for future businesses, knowing where to start when turning dreams into reality can be a challenge. Join us as we divulge with a panel of inspiring entrepreneurs about how they succeeded in this challenge and the advice they would give to budding entrepreneurs.“

The importance of Upskilling in IT 

The BBC reports on a surge in job adverts for IT professionals and in particular web designers and developers, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). The issue, according to large Tech firms are that vacancies are due to people lacking the skills to do the jobs in the IT sector. Digital skills are highly valued across the labour market and job prospects would be enhanced for those who take IT courses. 

Microsoft’s timely announcement to offer 25 million people worldwide to acquire digital skills for the COVID-19 economy includes: 

The use of data to identify in-demand jobs and the skills needed to fill them. 
Free access to learning paths and content to help people develop the skills these positions require. 
Low-cost certifications and free job-seeking tools to help people who develop these skills pursue new jobs.

Women in Tech 

An interesting report from Women in Tech looks at the types of roles available to women in tech in London. The demand for tech workers in London is high and is expected to grow further with a commitment by London's tech industry to create one million jobs by 2023. Currently, with only 17% of the tech industry in the UK made up of women there is a big demand to reduce the gender gap and ensure that more women enter the sector. This report hears from women who work in the industry and names some London tech companies who are looking to hire women at this time.

The Spike in Online Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Business Live reports on the spike in new online businesses set up during lockdown. Brighton, Exeter and London are amongst the cities listed as having the most online business start-ups since the pandemic started. 

The most popular types of business started up are: 

  • Independent food and drink delivery services
  • Personal trainers 
  • Cleaning companies 
  • Personal blogs 
  • Crafting/gifts 
  • Tutoring 
  • Service/consulting businesses such as marketing, accountancy and PR 

Amazing Apprenticeships

In the September issue of the Parents’ and Carers’ Amazing Apprenticeship pack you can find information on preparing for a new school year, T Levels, Careers in Coding, supporting disabled individuals to access apprenticeships, Life as a Healthcare apprentice, Apprenticeships with Travis Perkins and much more.

Focus on the Maritime Industry

UK Maritime supports just under 1 million jobs, and directly 220,100 jobs, making it one of Britain's biggest industries. It is growing rapidly and the roles available within it are diverse and exciting as the sector changes in line with decarbonisation as we move through the 21st century.

Direct employment across the South East is around 40,000 and makes up 18% of marine employment whilst the South West employs around 30,000 or 13% of the marine employment across the UK.

Maritime UK provide a wealth of resources to facilitate the imparting of information for teachers and students, parents/carers and careers professionals. A new video is released every Monday covering different aspects of the sector, types of careers and entry pathways.

Marine Jobs Ads

There are many entry routes into the industry offering full or part-funded training. These may take the form of Seagoing – deep sea, coastal, inland or shoreside – ports, marine leisure or engineering. The sector has roles in just about every occupation you can think of.  See 50 marine careers essential guide for more information or visit the websites listed below.

Some key messages about the industry:

  • An average salary for maritime careers is £38,000
  • There are a variety of entry routes and great opportunities to move around once employed
  • The industry is set to double in size by 2030 meaning thousands of jobs are needed.
  • UK maritime is bigger than rail and aviation combined
  • The industry is changing drastically and is committed to tackling climate change and decarbonise by 2050

Some useful sector-specific websites: