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Hazelwick School

Our Shared Vision:

For each and every student to achieve their maximum potential.

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Staff Profiles

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Miss Bansal, Second in English

I started at Hazelwick as an NQT, initially attracted to the school due to its friendly campus-like feel and sense of community. During my first few years, I quickly progressed to Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator for English and then to Second in Department.

Thanks to the wealth of opportunities presented to me from early on in my career, such as a ‘Stretch and Challenge’ enrichment program and becoming more involved in curriculum design, my drive and passion for Teaching and Learning only grew with experience.

What I love about Hazelwick (aside from our amazing students) is working alongside supportive colleagues that share a commitment for Teaching and Learning and are constantly working together to ensure the highest standards and the most enriching experience for our students. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of numerous training and CPD events (nationally, within Crawley and in-house) which enable us to remain inspired, to innovate, and to implement new ideas, approaches and resources. Our students are at the heart of everything we do and it is this shared vision that motivates us.

Mr Bignell, Head of Year/Teacher of Science

Having attended Hazelwick as a student and now as a teacher, I can honestly say that Hazelwick is a community worth being part of. The draw to return to Hazelwick for a career was due to the supportive nature of the staff, the structured and high standards expected and the positive and encouraging ethos that permeates through all aspects of Hazelwick life.

Mr Bignell

I was encouraged as a student to look to a career as a teacher and through that support and belief in me as a student, I was able to reach my goal. Opportunities have always been put before me and I have never doubted the school values the work I do.

I have worked in a number of departments and each one has taken me under their wing and supported and trained me to be the teacher I am today. The departments are lively and passionate about what they do, the staff are supportive and want to be part of a team.

There is no doubt that Hazelwick provides support, and valuable and relevant training to help you develop as a teacher. When in need there is always someone willing to help, which adds to the community spirit found at Hazelwick. The highly professional environment and dedicated SLT model guide Hazelwick through the challenges that we as teachers face. If teaching is something you are passionate about, then Hazelwick will provide you with the opportunities to thrive and develop your skills. Hazelwick will be a valuable part of your career path that may end up being a lifelong community.

Mr Cahill, Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of Languages

Teaching was never my intended vocation, however after working in a range of industries including: banking, IT and accounts, to name but a few, I didn’t feel at all enthused nor did I see value in my work.  So after some consideration, I decided to try my hand at teaching. 


I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto a Graduate Training Programme at Hazelwick School, and thirteen years later I am very proud to be an Assistant Headteacher at the same school that gave me the opportunity to embark upon a very happy and fulfilling career.

When I first started teaching, I remember being given advice about gaining a variety of experience in lots of schools; it was thought that staying in the same school was very much frowned upon if you wanted to progress within teaching, and given that my daily commute totals three hours! you would have thought that this would have been something to consider, however, at Hazelwick I have been fortunate enough to have been offered a range of developmental opportunities and promotions, so for me, moving to another school was never an option. 
There are many things I enjoy about working at Hazelwick School, however the two main things that make this a special place to work are: the exceptionally talented, dedicated and supportive colleagues that I am fortunate to work with every day, and the diversity among the student population.  The students come from a huge range of backgrounds and cultures and this brings a rare and exciting dynamic to the school.  The students here are well-behaved, driven and eager to succeed and they really make it a pleasure and privilege to work at the school.

Miss Doherty, Head of Business & Economics

I started at Hazelwick in September 2005 as a Newly Qualified Teacher.  I was very excited that I had secured a job at Hazelwick as I visited the school to help run an enterprise day with other Business PGCE students on my course. We all agreed that Hazelwick would be a great school to work, as the students were so courteous and enthusiastic.  Almost 15 years later, I am still enjoying it.  

Just two years after I started, I became a Head of Department.  I have always felt supported in my career development.  I have been supported in my decision to undertake a professional qualification through the school and have received a lot of useful guidance from SLT and many others.  

I have really enjoyed the opportunities and unique experiences I have had working at Hazelwick. I have attended many school trips including trips to Paris, Barcelona and Rome to name a few! In July 2019, I attended the annual sixth form residential trip to Exeter University, which was very valuable for students.  Overall, the friendly and supportive staff and excellent students make Hazelwick a very rewarding place to work.

Miss Stokes, Teacher of Science

The 1st thing that I noticed about Hazelwick was not the size of the school buildings, as you might expect, rather the feel of the community spirit within it. It was obvious that the members of staff were not just happy and friendly, but also cared a great deal about each other and about the students.

Miss Stokes

I have found the staff in all departments, but especially science, to be so supportive of my professional development, but ready to help me if I need it and check that I am enjoying my time here. The staff who helped me during my NQT year never turned me away if I needed assistance and always put my needs and wellbeing as a priority, which I feel really enhanced my NQT experience.

I have experienced a range of rewarding experiences outside of my department from being able to take part in the Calshot trip with my year 7 form to experiencing the Duke of Edinburgh award trips with the silver students. Each has led me to meeting new members of staff and finding out about their experiences and ideas. 

Diversity is huge among the students, and this has really enhanced my teaching journey and perspective. It has allowed me to learn about different languages and cultures that I had not previously experienced. I have found the students are all so delighted to share their own influences and values with me, and that they are all very willing to get the most out of their time at Hazelwick, and help others too as well. I look forward to continuing to develop as a teacher at Hazelwick and gaining new experiences every day.