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Hazelwick School

Our shared vision:

For each and every student to achieve their maximum potential.


Welcome to Harrison Catering Services at Hazelwick School

The catering service at Hazelwick School is provided by Harrison Catering Services. Since its founding in 1994, Harrison has always been about quality fresh food prepared on-site and served by people who love what they do. Over 100 clients across the UK enjoy a Harrison foodservice, with more than 100,000 meals being served each day by approximately 2,000 staff across more than 270 locations.

Harrison understands that what young people eat affects their health and their ability to learn and perform in the classroom. At Hazelwick School, our catering team provides nutritious, balanced meals, and we work to educate the students on how to make healthier food choices. Our goal is to instil a love and understanding of fresh, healthy food at a young age that will positively influence them throughout life. 

All Harrison staff receive training in how to prepare and serve healthier food through the company’s bespoke Eat Well Live Well© training programme.

Our catering team at Hazelwick School works with the school community to tailor menus to the tastes and preferences of the students. We introduce further interest and excitement to our menus through themed lunches ranging from holidays like Easter and Christmas to cuisines from around the world, tying these into the school curriculum whenever possible.

Hot dinners are provided at the Lower and Middle School dining room everyday; this consists of either meat or a vegetarian option with a serving of vegetables and potato/rice. We also provide a Fusion bar and jacket potatoes as well as salads, which can be pre-ordered daily. Fresh fruit is also available daily or a hot pudding on a Wednesday to complement the main course.

At break students can choose from a range of hot 'hand held' snack items. Chips are only available on a Friday when the canteen offers a very popular 'Fish & Chips' lunch.

A variety of boxed salads, a daily selection of baguettes, sandwiches and wraps are available at all the other service areas. Students also have the option of buying fresh fruit along with cartons of milk and yogurts.

A wide variety of cold drinks and snacks are available in the canteens, including fruit juices, water, milk and milk shakes. We also have a selection of home baked cakes.

If you require further information or have any feedback about the catering service, please contact Tim Cay (

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Buying Food and Drink

The catering service operates a biometric cashless system, where students can purchase items by simply placing their finger on a scanner at the point of sale or by swipe card. Parents can top-up their child's account by credit/debit card, with a minimum of £5.00. Balances can be checked online and is usually updated within 30 minutes of the last transaction. 

Online payments are much easier and quicker and help us provide a better service - this is our preference, however, cash/cheques can be used. These can be placed in a sealed envelope, stating your child’s name and form, and deposited via the Lower School (South) black post box before morning registration to ensure funds will be available for same day purchases. If paid in after that time, funds may not be available until the next day.  Cheques should be made payable to ‘Harrison Catering Services Ltd’ with your child’s name and form written on the back.

By default a daily spend limit of £5.00 will be set for all students and no food/drink above that amount will be permitted, however, on request, an individual limit of your choice can be set.