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Hazelwick School

Our Shared Vision:

For each and every student to achieve their maximum potential.

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If you have any questions about life in the Sixth Form take a look through these FAQs or come and see us in the Sixth Form Office. Make sure you speak to us if there's something you're unsure of or don't know. You can also email us ( or complete the online enquiry form (select 'Sixth Form' in the subject drop down).

1. I have a planned absence

You must complete a green EXEAT form before the day of absence and get it signed by Mrs Hughes in the Sixth Form Office (not all absences will be authorised). You must also attach a note or appointment card.

For more information about absences then check under our attendance & absences section in the online handbook.

2. I'm too sick to attend Sixth Form

A parent or carer must call to inform us of your illness. To do this phone the school on 01293 403344 and leave a message on the Sixth Form absence line.

3. I want to drop a subject

You will need to have a discussion with your Head of Year/Head of Sixth Form. Following this you will either have to continue with the course or will be given a subject discontinuation form.

4. I want to leave the Sixth Form

You will need to make an immediate appointment with the Head of Sixth Form. If you leave, you will be asked to fill out a leaving form and return textbooks and any library books borrowed.

5. I am struggling with my work load

Speak to your tutor or Head of Year and they will be able to give you assistance and advice that will help you deal with it.

6. What kind of trousers can I wear?

Black, straight cut, business smart trousers. They must not be leggings or look like leggings. They should also be FULL length! For further information on uniform then check out the uniform section in the online handbook. Please see uniform handbook.