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For each and every student to achieve their maximum potential.

Dare To Dream Workplace Visit

On Monday 6th June the Dare to Dream Project reached its finale with a workplace visit to Gatwick Airport.  A group of students were invited to attend Gatwick with their mentors to see the world of work, behind the scenes.

During the visit we toured the airfield by coach with permission from the person in charge of all airside areas, escorted by the special vehicles they have to alert air traffic control of vehicles crossing the runway.  We saw the huge airbus land and went past where air traffic control is based. We saw all the stand points for all the aircraft and visited the fire station. The fire crew at Gatwick provide a vital service and deal with medical emergencies there too. We then saw the £12, 000 000 fire plane be ignited and extinguished and heard all about the training regimes they put in place to plan for disasters and incidents.

Staff at Gatwick volunteer to role play being injured and trapped on the fire plane to help the fire service plan how to deal with these situations in case they ever occur.  They do the same in the terminals as well. We then got into the fire engines and put out the fires using the jets that are controlled from inside the vehicle. After this tour we then went into the control rooms.  Here there are multiple huge screens with every CCTV angle covered of the terminals and surrounding areas. In addition, there are cameras out on the runways that see for two miles in every direction as well as drone detecting technology for a 5km radius around the airport. 

It was fascinating to see the people at work, carefully monitoring all that goes on for the smooth running and overall safety of the airport.  Their shifts are very long but with continual breaks to make sure they stay focused and alert to any possible incidents. The communication skills required to work in the control centre were obvious to see; every part of the airport has to communicate with each other. There are thousands of passengers every day, so this is very serious and important work. 

A huge thank you to the mentors from Gatwick Airport who have guided our students over this programme at school and who made us feel welcome, with a goody bag to take home too!

Heads of Year 9