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For each and every student to achieve their maximum potential.

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This year, everyone got the opportunity to make amazing birdboxes in the design technology department. We made them from scratch and with help from Mr Baigent-Scales.

We started off by planning our boxes and what types of materials we wanted to use. Then we decided which bird types they were especially made for, due to their entrances.

We used coping saws and other machineries to shape and build our boxes. Later we attached our pieces with glue and varnished the final product. Hinges were attached for placing in areas.

A variety of birds and different styles of birdbox

What are their purposes?

A birdbox is an enclosure for birds to nest in (to hold eggs or young).

This can help increase bird populations and species. In the birdboxes, their eggs and chicks are safe from predators.

We hope that this is maintained throughout the years!

Written by Saanvi Shetty and Anabel Miorali Linan in Year 8

Students making and presenting their birdbox