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News and information from the Maths Department...

A reminder of last month’s puzzle

How many colours are required to colour a map of the United States so that no two adjacent regions are given the same colour?

Map of the US
The answer is four.

In mathematics, the four colour theorem, or the four colour map theorem, states that no more than four colours are required to colour the regions of any map so that no two adjacent regions have the same colour. 

Well done if you managed to solve it.


Here is April’s Puzzle

Blue Triangle

Ten identical coins are arranged in a triangle. 

By moving just three coins, can you make the triangle point downwards?

Good luck!

The solution will be in next month’s newsletter.

Mrs Mayhew

Pi Competitions Student Photos

Congratulations to all that entered our Pi competitions.

We had many entries all winning points for their Houses. There were some fantastic creative writing and poster entries. 101 digits of Pi were recited setting a new Hazelwick target to beat next year.

Congratulations to all our winners below:

Max Papacharalambous (9DDM), Jenson Stevens and Logan Louzado (8TFR), Charlotte Thorne (10MOW) and Amelia Wong (10MOW).