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Get into Accountancy & Tech with Ernst & Young

Get into Accountancy & Tech with Ernst & Young

I wanted to let you know we have secured an amazing online event with Ernst & Young on 16th September, 4pm - 5pm for all Y12 / S5 and Y13 / S6 students. If you could distribute out to students and via parent mail (as it's after school) that would be great!


EY Webinar Details: 

  • £40 billion accountancy and professional services firm 
  • Fast Track offers for all attendees on the webinar when you select Young Professionals on your application under the partnerships tab!
  • Y12 / S5 paid Summer 2021 Work Experience  / Y13 / S6 Degree Apprenticeship Opportunities 
  • Bring your parents along too so they can find out what it could be like for you working in one of the biggest companies in the world! 
  • Starting salaries for apprentices are in the region of £20,000

Please follow the link to book on and confirm your spot!




In addiction to this, 


EY Apprenticeships and Work Experience Programs are NOW OPEN!


Some really exciting news, EY have opened up their apprenticeships and their paid work experience  applications and are the first huge global brand to do so in the school leaver space. 


They are the first Big 4 firm to get going for their 2021 job opportunities and are the only company that allows for re applications within 6 months so you can technically apply 2 times in the same academic year if unsuccessful the first time! 


First assessment centres are taking place in early October and offers could be with you by Christmas time. When students apply it's really important they select Young Professionals in their applications when promoted too under the partnerships tab as we have some really great fast tracks in place as well as a continued support and help system to all students that enter in the application process. 


Link is here below for you to apply