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NHS Bursaries

NHS Bursaries

Whereas for the last few years NHS bursaries have only been available to doctors and dentists, a new fund has been set up for a whole host of other medical/health students.

It's not the easiest to find, and the government only made a tiny announcement about it at the end of last year and there was barely any noise around it when the applications opened on 01 July 2020. 

Students can access the new fund, see the full list of disciplines and find out how to apply if they go onto It's called an NHS Learning Support Fund (not bursary) and to qualify you just have to be studying for an eligible degree in one of the fields listed, and eligible for a SFE tuition fee loan and a maintenance loan (no matter how big or small). It is not means tested, is open to everyone, and is basically an extra £5,000 per year training grant which (most importantly) is NOT a loan and NEVER has to be paid back (unless you fail to complete the course).

Plus they also offer additional financial help when on compulsory course practice placements (for travel or dual accommodation costs).