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For each and every student to achieve their maximum potential.

Taster Lectures with St George’s, University of London

The following Taster Lecture series is aimed at students interested in studying science at university – specifically Clinical Pharmacology or Biomedical Science, either at BSc or MSci level.

Below you can see the subjects and topics of this autumn’s series of Taster Lectures at St George’s, University of London. All are hosted online in after-school hours, meaning you can enjoy this level of insight and expertise from the comfort of your own home!

Clinical Pharmacology BSc: How clinical pharmacology transformed HIV infection from death sentence to liveable condition

Date: Wednesday 16th November, 5-6pm

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Details: In this talk you will look back in time to the 1980s, when the first people in the UK were diagnosed with HIV and AIDS, and the diagnosis was effectively a death sentence. You will learn how treatments for HIV infection were discovered and developed and how, with today’s array of ‘anti-retroviral’ medicines, people with HIV can have a normal life expectancy. We will finish by reflecting on inequalities in access to HIV medicines around the world and how where you live affects your chances of beating HIV disease.

Biomedical Science MSci: How Science Works

Date: Wednesday 23rd November, 5-6pm

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Details: The Biomedical Science MSci degree places a strong emphasis on the development of critical thinking and scientific skills. This lecture, taken from the third year Biomedical Research Techniques for Drug Development module, provides a light-hearted, yet accurate introduction to how scientific research is carried out in both university labs and the pharmaceutical sector.

Biomedical Science BSc (Lecture topic TBC)

Date: Wednesday 7th December, 5-6pm

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Details: We are currently in the process of finalising the details of this particular lecture with our academics. The event registration page linked above will be updated as soon as we’ve confirmed the title and topic(s).