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Hazelwick School

Our Shared Vision:

For each and every student to achieve their maximum potential.

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Silent Study

The Sixth Form Study halls are for the exclusive use of students in years 12 and 13 and are open lessons 1 to 5 and after school for silent study. The Octagon is supervised throughout the day by Mrs. Hamshaw who is always happy to help students find information, help with UCAS applications/apprenticeships/job applications and help organise and manage your time. It provides an ideal working environment for students when they are not in lessons. Students have access to a wide range of resources on higher education and university courses.  Facilities also include a printer and 24 computers which may be used for school-related activities.

The study room & Prescribed Learning Hours (PLHs)

How you spend your free periods pie chartPart of your requirement of being in Sixth Form is that you will complete a certain number of "prescribed learning hours"; 40 in Year 12 and 36 in Year 13.  These are completed with silent study sessions depending on how many subjects you are studying.

You are expected to attend ALL study sessions on your timetable and each missed session will result in 2 sessions of 'payback' the following day.

You are able to use the Octagon/East Hall any time you do not have a contact lesson and we would encourage you to use your time wisely.

On occasion, you may have all of your non-contact hours replaced with study sessions in order to ensure that you are achieving the best you can. This will be based on your reports and you have the opportunity to earn these back through improved reports or through a good attitude to learning and progress.

Signing Out

Depending on the subjects that you study you may be allowed to sign out of a study session to work in the department area of that subject.  If this affects you, you will be issued with an ID card that needs to be shown to Mrs Baigent-Scales before she will issue you with a sign-out slip to be signed by the subject teacher who is supervising you