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Hazelwick School

Our Shared Vision:

For each and every student to achieve their maximum potential.

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Uniform is an important part of our identity at Hazelwick Sixth Form.  

All Hazelwick sixth formers are expected to dress formally, as are all members of any professional community.  This code is intended to clarify our expectations regarding appropriate sixth form appearance.  It is deliberately detailed in order to prevent uncertainty and misunderstanding about what is acceptable. Students are encouraged to check prior to making any purchases and/or wearing a specific item of clothing if they are unsure it meets the requirements.  As a general rule a student should be able to go straight from school to a formal interview without the need to go home and get changed.

  • Formal black suit with either smart (straight-cut, bootleg) trousers or black skirt (non-cling, no excessive split and appropriate length, no shorts)
  • Formal plain white shirt/blouse (short-sleeved or long-sleeved of a formal nature i.e., no T-shirts, vests or polo shirts.)
  • Sixth form tie to be worn by students who identify as male, optional for students who identify as female *
  • A plain black V-neck jumper or waistcoat may be worn in addition to the suit jacket
  • Any facial hair must be kept neat and tidy
  • Sheer fabrics and tops that expose shoulders or the navel are not permitted
  • Shoes should be flat-heeled, plain black and formal
  • No trainers, high heels, flip-flops, plimsolls or sandals of any description
  • No sweatshirts or large logos
  • Very brightly colored nail varnish and excessive/obtrusive make-up are not to be worn
  • Outdoor coats should not be worn in class
  • Other jackets are not to be worn instead of the formal black suit jacket

* Ties can be purchased from the school’s main reception.

Our expectation is that you will follow the uniform rules or you will be asked to work in the Octagon or go home and get changed.


boys shoe

girls shoe


Smart black (straight cut) trousers only

Trousers or Skirt Suit

Black skirt (non-cling, no excessive slit and not leather) of modest length or smart black trousers (straight cut or bootleg - but full length).

Dresses of any sort are not permitted.

Boys Trousers

Girls trousers or skirt suit


Plain white shirt (short or long sleeved) - tucked in fully at all times and with top button fastened

Plain white, buttoned shirt/blouse (short or long sleeved) of a formal nature.  Sheer fabrics and tops that expose shoulders or the navel are not permitted

Boys shirt

Girls shirt

Blazer, tie & jumpers etc

Formal black cloth blazer/suit jacket and Sixth Form tie (done up properly and worn at an appropriate length).

A plain black V-neck jumper, cardigan or waistcoat may be worn in addition to the blazer.

Any facial hair must be kept neat and tidy.

Formal black blazer/jacket as part of a trouser or skirt suit. 

A plain black cardigan, V-neck jumper may be worn in addition to the white shirt & black blazer (not an alternative).

Additional Guidance