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Hazelwick School

Our Shared Vision:

For each and every student to achieve their maximum potential.

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The Sixth Form Team

On entry to the Sixth Form, you will be allocated to a Personal Tutor who will be responsible for monitoring your academic progress and welfare. The Personal Tutors are managed by a Head of Year and the Head of Sixth Form, who co-ordinate the work of the Personal Tutors and oversee student programs as well as providing advice, guidance and support for students if concerns arise.

Keep Calm I'm Their Form Tutor

The role of the personal tutor

The Personal Tutor is a key person for each student. All Tutors will fulfil the following responsibilities for their tutees:

  • Know each student in the group individually and monitor their progress and welfare referring them to the Head of Year or other student support service if a need arises.
  • Communicate important information from across the school and our house system to the students in their tutor group.
  • Monitor attendance and punctuality of their tutees on a weekly basis and challenge any concerns that may have been raised.  
  • Monitor progress, mainly through progress reviews and one-to-one interviews which are scheduled during the academic year.
  • Guide with initial careers and higher education advice and help with the university application process.
  • Write a reference in collaboration with subject teachers for each of their tutees.

The role of the Head of Year

The Head of Year supports personal tutors within their team and sees students who may need extra advice or guidance.

The Head of Year will:

  • Discuss and advise on changes of course.
  • Follow up on persistent absences and/or lateness.
  • Liaise with personal tutors regarding any students identified as causing serious concerns.
  • Manage and deal with disciplinary concerns and monitor students on report.
  • Contact parents if the Sixth Form has concerns about a student.
  • Respond to any parents’ concerns.
  • Deal with any more complex problems that may arise and support students who may be experiencing issues with regards to their personal welfare or any safeguarding issues which may arise. 
  • Deal with any reports of bullying or personal harassment.
  • Liaise with external agencies to guide, advise and support students. 

Keep Calm I'm Head of Year


Keep Clam and Ask For Help


The role of the support staff

Both Mrs Hughes and Mrs Baigent-Scales are here to support you in a multitude of ways.  They will offer the following:

  • Mrs Hughes
    • Will contact home if you are not in school
    • Provide you with a timetable if you lose it
    • Organise almost everything that goes on in the Sixth Form
    • Notify the Head of Year of any patterns in punctuality or absence
    • Provide a listening ear if you need it (but don't abuse it!)
  • Mrs Baigent-Scales 
    • Support you in the SILENT study hall
    • Can help with UCAS/apprenticeships/job applications
    • Will reserve you a computer if there is a reason for doing so
    • Help you to organise or manage your time
    • Tell you where you can get help from if you don't know